Internal Training

   We provide internal training (problem-solving skills and business analysis) for members to equip knowledge-based core competency. With relevant knowledge-based training, members will gain effective problem-solving skills to address a variety of business challenges.
   Ultimately, T2C2 aim to achieve
1. Knowledge and skills embodied in member
2. Knowledge embedded in technical systems
3. Managerial systems
4. Culture; Values of the content and structure of knowledge
1. Problem-solving skills
     Academic research labs are unique technology firms run by research principal investigators (RPI) - utilizing capital, managing employees, and expanding project-based portfolios. With new business analysis approaches on current operating structure, the return of investment on finance and R&D could further increase. We practice decision-making process to provide efficient resolution and insights on the management of resources of RPI-based technology groups.
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2. Business analysis
     Engineers and scientists commonly focus on solely developing the technology. However, to success, the balanced knowledge of technology push and market pull is required. Finding the appropriate application to target is the key to successful commercialization. At GT2C2, by working on real-life projects, we aim to provide suggestion on market entrance and expansion strategies by synthesizing information from internal analysis, customer discovery, market sizing and trend research, market structure identification and stakeholder analysis.