Operation Strategy

     Through linear and internal cyclic process strategy, we generate three core competencies (Quality Assurance, Network creation & Feedback) in consulting service.
1. Quality Assurance
     T2C2 aims to provide valuable analysis for all clients and quality experience for all members. Quality outcomes will be ensured at multiple levels by the recruitment of self-motivated members, construction of a resource library, access to consulting training and workshops, and team-based advisor feedback sessions.
2. Network Creation
     T2C2's network connects graduate students interested in tech transfer with organization in need of consulting services. Advisors provide personalized guidance and training based on the project of each team. T2C2 board assists with goal alignment, administrative supports, and resource organization.
network cycle.jpg
3. Cyclic Process
     In order to ensure maximum client's satisfaction, T2C2 operates on a cyclic dynamic model. At T2C2, we perform a data-focused analysis, integrate client feedback into solutions, and rapidly iterate suggestions into a final report that best aligns our clients' needs and goals.