The vision of R&TC

COVID-19 have accelerated the transition of industry structures shifting the paradigm toward the effective remote workforce and technology immersed operation. The entire industry, for instance, stock market, real estates, and customer services are using artificial intelligence technology, are turning into technology corporations. Now, more than ever, developing strong foundations in data-driven managerial decision-making to solve the strategic and operational challenges in the context of a firm’s resource capabilities is inevitable. 


     Academic research labs are unique technology firms run by research principal investigators (RPI) - utilizing capitals, managing employees, and expanding project-based portfolios. With new business analysis on current operating structures, the return of investment on finance and R&D could further increase.


The mission of R&TC team is twofold:

  • for the consulting team to practice decision-making analysis to provide new insights on the management of resources of RPI-based technology groups.

  • for RPIs to oversee holistic operational structures on financial prediction, operational strategy, and resource management.


     Our unique team members include Ph.D and MBA students and professional consultants as external advisors, we expect to gain new sights on analysis and expand our impact.

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